Water Resources Management and Dam Operation

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) was studied to investigate its different environmental impacts.The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), which is a multi-criteria decision analysis in water resources management and energy planning, was used. The AHP analyse the trade-offs of reservoir capacity design plans in order to promote a sustainable strategy for water resources management in the Eastern Nile countries that includes Egypt, Ethiopia and the Sudan, without dangerous impacts on the environment and riparian countries. The results of this study showed that the “Do nothing” is the most appropriate option with regard to the environmental impact on the Eastern Nile countries compared to the original plan and the new applied one (running now). 
Also the high aswan dam was studied.  Investigating the use of structural monitoring technology for determining the dynamic characteristics of the HAD. This research was conducted with cooperation with structure engineering department to analyse the different dynamic chracteristics of the dam, and revealing the weak and strength points that should be analysed in its body.
In addition, using GIS and RS tools to investigate the lake aswan as the major water reservoir of Egypt, was effectuated. The environmental impacts, including morphological aspects, and sedimentation in the lake, was carried using remote sensing images. Spectral reflectance characteristics of the water were correlated with in-site data measurements to analyze spatial and temporal changes of characteristics. The fluctuation in water depths leading to changes in the surface area as well as different geometric features of the lake were estimated by classification of the imagery data in spectral reflectance.

Research Team

  1. Hoda Soussa

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