About Us

STUDENT CHAPTER is an academic activity that helps in developing technical knowledge, leadership experience and lasting relationships with peers and mentors. Chapters have access to unique benefits that aren't always available to non-chapter members. Student chapter is created and connected with other chapters under an umbrella of an international student professional institution/association. This mother international entity supports a network of student chapters (that have membership) crossing continents in a specific scientific field related to that entity. 

Student chapter is a local cell associated with other cells around the world under a shared protocol agreed by the mother association. Student chapter is a society operated by students at a university or a college, whose membership typically consists only of students or alumni. Typical activities of student chapter can be seen in:

On Campus Representation on campus committees and councils, campus service projects, conducting career day fairs, etc.

With Local Chapters Special presentations and guest speakers, field trips to projects and site tours, sponsoring seminars related to the major academia, social and networking activities, Attendance at the mother association Annual Convention, etc.

In the Community service projects - design and executionwork for local charitable organizationsrecreation and park project, environmental clean-up programschildren’s projects such as playgrounds and day care centres, etc.

Students Chapter network in the faculty is an independent entity as an academic activity with a direct reference to Education & Student Affairs Sector. Faculty of Engineering pays attention to such crucial academic activity, having a plan for richer and more cohesive network of student chapters crossing all disciplines.