Stakeholders Management , Resilience and Heritage Managmant

Cultural heritage represents the value people have given to items and places through their association. Although management of heritage is a crucial process, it may also represent a threat if it couldn’t efficiently engage community stakeholders. In order to minimize those threats, there is a need for achieving bidirectional communication, engagement and flexibility among the various stakeholders. Firstly, engagement and commutation processes are related to the process of efficient stakeholders' management, which can guarantee continued engagement in decisions like assessing significance, or in developing more effective conservation outcomes. Secondly, flexibility to change is highly relevant to developing a resilient community approach which would enhance community engagement in management and conservation of cultural heritage, and in the meanwhile overcome the rigidity of setting a fixed, inadaptable management plan. In other words, a resilient community will not only be engaged, but also can adapt to changes without losing essential qualities that defines their identity throughout the whole management process. The aim of this area of discipline is thus to achieve efficient stakeholders’ engagement throughout the process of cultural heritage management.

Research Team

  1. Laila Khodair
  2. Heba Soliman
  3. Dalia Ali
  4. Shaimaa Tarek

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