MECA is a non-profit student to student organization founded in 2005 and approved by the faculty dean.
MECA stands for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Architecture.


Qualifying students from all majors to the job market’s needs, in order to have a better career.


Improve students' technical and non-technical skills through professional trainers.

Core Values

Professionalism, Respect, Added Value, Appreciation.
MECA is one of the leading student to student organizations in Cairo, MECA was the first to offer professional trainings conducted by multinational companies and certified trainers.
‘Our goal is ultimate Stakeholder satisfaction to our students, sponsors & MECA members’.

MECA Academy

MECA Academy started in 2007 and since then the event has been a success through our valued sponsor and partner ExxonMobil.
MECA Academy is a non-technical event that intends to provide a real-life simulation of the business world observed in any of the leading companies in Egypt. Sessions are conducted by experts from the company's different departments.
There were different special events throughout the years such as MECA Mentorship, MECA Internship, MECAzine, and MECA SAMCO Talent Program.

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