Basmah Group


Our message was always to leave a story behind.

Over the past 6 years, Basmah has left many stories in the hearts of its children and the minds of Basmah's humans.♥️♥️

Basmah was founded in 2015 by an eager group of engineering students in Ain Shams University and after 6 years of hard work and reformation, Basmah is defined as a community development student activity that aims to create a difference in the underprivileged children’s lives through education.

We have our educational system that works on (Self-awareness, influence of surroundings - self-esteem - learning - acceptance - expression - giving - security and Health - good manners).

We work with children through weekly sessions. The categories that we reached in Basmah are:

  1. Refugee Children.
  2. Disadvantaged children.
  3. Orphanage children.
  4. Children with visual impairments.
  5. Educating children STEAM education.

We dream that every child becomes a self-actualized, lifelong learner and lives a purposeful life.