Aviation Club Group

Aviation Club

Who we are?

  • Aviation Club is a student-to-Student Organization, based in the Faculty of Engineering Ain shams University.
  • It was founded in 2011 and organized by students from all majors.
  • Our Scope is to cover practical and theoretical Training, and research abilities in the aviation and robotics fields.
  • Aviation Club is one of the leading associations in universities that mainly concentrates on the aviation field.

Aviation Club Vision

To be a leading research center specialized in the aviation and robotics fields, by establishing generations capable of providing more contributions to our scientific society.

Aviation Club Mission

Raising awareness about the modern aviation and robotics fields amongst engineering and senior school students.

Our Main Tracks

  • Aviation Academy

This Event is the oldest of Aviation’s at all and it is the back bone of Aviation’s Events. The event targets college students aiming to reduce the gap between the academic life and the practical work sector and to improve the technical skills of students at the aviation field.

  • Robolympics

Aviation Club hosts a Robotics competition in order to encourage the makers and the researchers to learn more in order for them to reach their targets.

  • Juniors

We started Juniors Project as a new step in raising the scientific and practical awareness for high school students and getting them some insights of the projects that we're familiar with in the faculty of engineering.