ACES stands for The Annual Conference for Engineering Students. It was founded in 2004 in Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.
Our vision is “A Community of Influential Leaders”
Our mission: “Raising the capabilities of the engineering community through technical, non-technical and personal approaches delivered through a real life exposure.”
We have 3 main projects.
ACES Expo which launches in November, where we provide winter internships for the engineering students in different leading national and multinational companies. These internships are followed by a case study to apply on what they learned through the internship. Certificates from the companies are given at the end.
ACES workshops, our second project, provides non-technical workshops for all students from all faculties and universities, such as (Project Management) and (Career Development). There is also a workshop for school students that helps them have more self awareness, know their strength and weakness points and how to overcome the latter. We also have an academic workshop which is for TAs and whoever interested in the teaching career. All these workshops are delivered by ACES moderators; students that spent more than 6 months in preparing the content either through trainings by professionals in different companies, or by trainers from ACES. All workshops are followed by a case study to apply on the knowledge they received, and develop their skills in planning and execution.
Our third project, we have our online platform, ACES Career Gate which helps fresh grads and undergrads find vacancies and internships provided by different companies, all in one place.
Our year ends in April with our conference, where we show the output of our whole year, and participants of our 2 projects are given their certificates. Crew members celebrate the end of their year and the new president is announced, leaving the opportunity for the new crew to continue what we started 17 years ago.