LURSC Team Report

Our Vision

LURSC team vision is to become a school/home/place of excellence that brings out civil engineer students with high technical competencies, promotes high-end research to meet the current and future challenges in civil engineering and achieve national and international recognition through innovation in civil engineering.

Our Mission

  1. To offer civil engineering students with skill development activities that add value to student competencies.
  2. To Promote research for industrial and societal needs.
  3. To Encourage students to participate in a worldwide competitions and various enhancing activities.
  4. To Establish centers of excellence in emerging areas of research
  5. To have regular interaction with industry and offer solutions to their problems.
  6. We target facilitating an opportunity for undergraduate students to work in special projects and giving them more experience about the market and start-ups.

Main Events

  1. Professional online meetings with invited speakers in several topics including not civil engineering only but also covering soft skills, time management, and self-improvement where we invited professionals such as: Zeyad Essam, Fatma Abdelsattar, Reem Khater, Nevine Zaher, and Mohamed Shouman.
  2. Participation in YLF competition as part of our fundraising program facing off against different teams from all over Egypt where we presented our ideas and showed our polymers reinforcement and our special types of aggregates to a group of judges including Mr. Ahmed Abo Hashima.
  3. Concrete Canoe Competition is one of the most important events and main focus of the chapter which is a competition organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) where we design a concrete canoe and use it in a race with other teams which have to withstand certain tests so we need to design, test, propose a solution for the problem, and finally cast it to use it in a canoeing competition.
  4. Daniel W. Mead paper is a competition from ASCE where one student from the chapter writes a research paper about a certain topic organized by ASCE competing with a lot of international civil engineering students worldwide.
  5. Basic School Sessions is a program where we communicate with students in their preparatory and secondary stage of education to offer them courses in different fields ranging from different engineering topics, bioprinting, neuroscience to quantum computation. It is an educational program designed on the basis of Sociocyberneering educational program where students study and apply what they learnt to actual projects.

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