Kottab ElQASR

Kottab ElQASR (literary activity)

An introduction

The idea of the activity is to give the opportunity to everyone who has a literary tendency from the sons of Ain Shams Engineering to practice writing, while refining and developing this tendency.

The question was: Why not meet all of the palace children who have the queen of writing and a passion for Arabic literature? Our answer to this question was to establish an activity in which we gather to practice the hobby of literary writing, even if it is limited, but we will work hard to develop this talent among the members of the activity family in order to reach our desired hope (producing distinguished literary works in our beautiful Arabic language). Therefore, we announce the birth of a new activity inside Abdo Pasha Palace (Ain Shams Engineering) under the name “Kottab ElQASR”.

We remind everyone that our interest and mastery of Standard Arabic (the official language of Egypt) is a fundamental pillar for the success of the experiment and the achievement of its vision and goals.

The vision of the palace writers

Due to the love of many of the college’s students for the classical Arabic language and literature, we decided to establish this literary activity due to our belief that literature and science are two sides of the same coin (the progress and advancement of peoples), praying to God that this activity becomes a successful model and example for other colleges in our beloved country Egypt, which were and were not It is still a pioneer in the field of Arabic literature, with our awareness of the importance of the aesthetic touches that can be given to literary work, such as designs and drawings, and the pivotal role they play in making it successful, such as the flow of water in the river, and making it more lively and influential.

We're not going to make a writer from scratch, but we'll put instructions on the right path to get there. The first way is to practice writing and keep it.

Objectives of the palace writers (general objectives)

  • Re-publishing classical Arabic and reviving its role in our writings and correspondences.
  • Dissemination of the foundations of correct literary writing.
  • Preserve the literary writing queen among the sons of the college.
  • Introducing the importance of linguistic revision of literary production.
  • The writer has mastered the rules of spelling and grammar in the Arabic language.
  • Knowing the basics of proper planning for writing and authorship.
  • Raising the literary level of the writer and qualifying him to become a successful writer.
  • Provide participants with teamwork skills.

Objectives of the Palace's Writers (Special Objectives)

  • Exchange of experiences and ideas among the members of the activity.
  • Providing the writer with the techniques he needs for the writing process and expressing his literary ideas.
  • Create a college newspaper.
  • Producing distinguished literary works such as short stories, novels, and more. Continuous development of the activity to get it to a prestigious position.
  • Displaying literary works through publishing houses and the Cairo International Book Fair.

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