Entertainment Club

Club Description

Euphoria will be the first entertainment club to be established in the Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University. It specializes in making the lives of every student easier and much more delightful. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, life became much duller and online and us as junior students didn’t get the chance to enjoy our college life. Therefore, our main target is to bring back life to our college with numerous activities and events to ensure the up-and-coming classes enjoy as much time as possible on and off campus.

Club Activities

The activities our club will be able to offer varying events on and off campus including:

  • FYE (First Year Experience), which will be an annual event hosted by our club members to help freshmen students get to know more about our university. This includes tours all around the campus with detailed explanation of the history and functionality of each and everything around the university. This event is to be mainly the guide for newcomers to help make the first days of university for freshmen students a lot easier.
  • Games and a lot of interactive activities will be available in gaps between lectures for students to ease of their minds a bit.
  • Hosts of annual welcoming party for newcomers in order to properly welcome freshmen students to our university that includes bringing in sponsors and building a stage for only Ain Shams university students to be able to keep up with the ongoing trends in most universities nowadays.
  • Gaming competition along with other profitable events in order to sponsor all the activities done by our club.
  • Host of ted talks with special guests to talk about motivating students and giving us advice in our general life.
  • Allowing sponsors to set up booths such as food trucks and others to raise money.
  • Organizing trips for students for either educational or entertainment purposes all around the year.