Aims and Objectives

The Scientific Research Committee is the committee entrusted with defining and developing scientific research policies, ethics, and practices at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. It supervises both the Ain Shams Engineering Journal, and the Grants Office at the College. It provides solutions and aspirations for the future vision of scientific research, while submitting proposals, suggestions, and recommendations to the Faculty Council for approval. The Scientific Research Committee is held periodically and is chaired by the Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research.


Scientific Research Committee Members:

Name Role
Prof. Amr Abdelsalam Shaat Committee Chair
Prof. Ayman Mohamed Bahaa Eldin Committee Member
Prof. Hany Mohamed Hasanien Committee Rapporteur
Prof. Marwa Abo Elfetouh Khalifa Committee Member
Assoc. Prof. Mohamed Kohail Fayez Committee Secretary
Dr. Othman Ahmed Omar Committee Member