Amr Abdelsalam Shaat

Professor at Structural Engineering

Career Information

Professor at : 2019-06-24
Assistant Professor at : 2014-05-22
Teacher at : 2008-08-16
Teacher Assistant at : 2002-06-30
Demonstrator at : 1998-09-08

Academic Information

Ph.D. : 2007-11-15 From جامعة كوينز - كندا
M.Sc. : 2002-05-04 From Ain shams University
Graduation : may / 1995 From Faculty of Engineering , Ain shams University


Dr. Amr Shaat is a Professor of Steel Structures and Bridges at Ain Shams University. Dr. Shaat served as the Deputy Minister of Transport of Egypt for two years (2017 - 2019). Dr. Shaat received his B.Sc. (1995) and his Ph.D. degree (2007) from Queen’s University, Canada.
The research of Dr. Shaat focuses on the analysis, and design of steel structures and bridges with particular emphasis on the area of tubular steel structures. His research expertise also covers the rehabilitation of steel using advanced composite materials. Dr. Shaat authored and co-authored more than 45 research articles in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences. He has also supervised 15 PhD. and MSc. students. Dr. Shaat’s H-index is 13 on google scholar and 8 on Scopus database. He was invited for 20 Keynote Lectures, Conferences and Seminars. Dr. Shaat is serving in the committees of the Egyptian Code of Practices for Steel Structures and Rehabilitation of Structures using Composite Materials. In addition to being a reviewer for many international journals, Dr. Shaat is also an Associate Editor at the Ain Shams Engineering Journal (ASEJ).
Dr. Shaat has also a wide consulting experience including the design/design review of many projects such as the Haramain High Speed Railway Stations (KSA), Dakar Airport (Senegal), World Trade Center in Dubai (UAE), Expressway Pedestrian Bridges (Nigeria)…….etc.


Prof. Ahmed Moharam Award in Structural Engineering from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (2019)


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