Early Registration for International Credit Hours Programs (i-CHEP)





Quality Unit

Responsible on dissemination and consolidation of the principles of quality among faculty, administrators, and students ...

Career Center

Provides students and graduates with the right tools for career planning and successful employment...

Consultancy Center

Provides engineering consultancy, research and development services to governmental and business sectors.


Provide different services to graduates like official certificate issuing.

Students Activities

Youth Care, Students Union, Social Activities, Employments Fair and more ...

Course on LMS

Interactive learning management system based on powerful Moodle software.

Education Excellence

World Design Studio
Offers collaborative design studios that works on the same project in three International Universities.

Center of Excellence for Energy Scholarship
Academic Scholarship established by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

University of East London
Dual degree provided by University of East London and Ain Shams University.