The Mechatronics Engineering major degree at Ain Shams University had opened its doors to undergraduate students in the fall of 2004. Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field of Mechanical, Electronics, computer science, and control engineering. The aim of this program is to graduate Mechatronics engineers, who are capable of penetrating Egyptian, regional, and international markets with their knowledge, skills, professionalism, and ethics. The Mechatronics department has a large connection and interaction with local, regional, and global industries.

The Mission:

This program is designed to enrich the student’s basic theoretical and practical knowledge of mechatronic system components. It also develops the student’s ability to use state-of-the-art technologies to find affordable, reliable and innovative solutions. The program aims to develop the student’s ability to conduct Research and Development (R&D) activities to create innovative mechatronic solutions. The field of specialization setups and operates automated and/or autonomous production lines which are based on embedded systems, PLCs and SCADA systems. Through that, the student carries out modern troubleshooting and maintenance techniques relevant to what we call machine health monitoring (MHM).

Area of Study:

  • Today, the department's research program.
  • focuses on advanced fields in Mechatronicssuch as Bio-Mechatronics, Auto-Tonics.
  • Industrial Automation, Robotics.
  • Nano-Mechatronics (N/MEMS).

Facilities and Labs:

  • Mechatronics Lab.
  • Motion Control Lab.
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatic Lab.
  • Automatic Control Lab.

Department's Board:

  • Farid Abdel Aziz Tolbah PhD,Moscow Power Institute,Moscow,USSR,1975.
  • AbdelHameed (Dept. Chair)PhD., Ain Shams University, Egypt, 1994.
  • Maged Ghoneima, PhD, Northwestern University,USA, 2006.
  • Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Awad, PhD, University of Leeds,UK, 2012.
  • Mohamed Abdel Aziz (AutomotiveEngineering department) PhD,University of Illinois at Chicago, USA,2007.