Vision and Objectives

The Conferences Committee is specialized in organizing three types of events: periodic seminars/workshops/scientific and educational lectures; major international conferences; and the faculty's annual scientific conference, all within the framework of achieving the faculty's strategic plan and fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Contributing to the achievement of the vision and mission of the faculty/university and its strategic plan and displaying the faculty on the international map by organizing international conferences, seminars, workshops, and organizing scientific meetings/lectures, thus providing a platform for researchers and academics to communicate and exchange knowledge and experiences.
  • Coordinating and organizing all faculty seminars and conferences by developing a time and thematic plan that is issued in a guide distributed electronically at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Strengthening the ties between the Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University and other universities by organizing conferences and scientific meetings, following them up with the relevant authorities, and participating in their supervision.
  • Opening channels of communication with other universities and international research centers by organizing scientific lectures from experts and professors in various specializations at the faculty.
  • Disseminating the concepts of sustainability and the goals of Egypt’s Vision 2030 by holding seminars and workshops so that their topics serve these concepts and goals.
  • Establishing multidisciplinary international conferences that serve Egypt’s Vision 2030.
  • Holding competitions for students at conferences that encourage them to innovate.
  • Holding exhibitions for the largest companies and sponsors at conferences to achieve the integration of academic work with practice and industry.