Optical MEMS

The objective of this research direction is the development of an Engineering platform that allows the creation of a integrated optical solution on a Si chip. This technological platform known as “SiMOST” (Trademark) allows the creation of an optical bench on a Silicon wafer with all the optical components aligned by the lithography accuracy. This opens the door for a new era for an on chip “Optical Circuit” fabricated in mass production in a way similar to the “Integrated Circuit” revolution. Using this platform our group in the Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University is cooperating with an industrial partner (Si-Ware Systems company) to work together for the development of an innovative FTIR MEMS spectrometer, a unique product that gained the Prism award in the Photonics West conference 2014 in SF USA, the award of the best semiconductor device in Japan in 2013, the award of 25 Jan. for innovation in Egypt in 2011 and so many other awards. This product is unique is the sense that it creates for the first time a complete optical circuit (The Michelson Interferometer) on a single chip. The product is now in the market in mass production which is an excellent success story inspiring the researchers and scientists in Egypt.

Research Team

  1. Diaa A. Khalil
  2. Yasser M. Sabry
  3. Alaa Fathy

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