Rainfall Runoff and Watershed Modelling

The North coast, Red Sea coast and mountainous areas are subjected to flash floods, which represent a frequent threat to different urbanization activities that may cause losses in livelihood and economy. By analyzing the geomorphologic features of  study areas, intense stream networks are detected that, with the available metrological data, require flood management and analysis to mitigate the possible negative effects and to benefit from the estimation of flood water. Rahbaa basin is a sub-catchment of wadi Hodin, and was fully studied during this research work to determine the risk map of the coastal plain in this zone, and event6ually determine the ways of protection. 
NBCBN team (Nile Basin Capacity Building Network) executed a project to establish a GIS-based modeling tools and methods for sustainable watershed development and for the integrated management of  water resources in the Nile Basin. The research group in this study consists of members  from different countries sharing the Nile Basin.

Research Team

  1. Hoda Soussa

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