Introduction to Luban Workshop

The workshop aims to provide students from different engineering disciplines hands on experience and practical application in three fields; Energy production, CNC machines maintenance and automobile maintenance. The workshop seeks to eliminate the need gap in these fields corresponding to the increasing industrial need in the region especially in the partner Chinese companies. 16.4 M Egyptian pound is utilized for providing up-to-date smart machines. The workshop is funded by Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College in the fields of energy and CNC machining, while automobile field by Tianjin Transportation Technical College.


  • Provide practical application for undergraduate and post graduate circula.
  • Professional training for faculty students, engineering vocational students inside and outside Egypt, in addition to graduates.

Education Method

  • A hybrid educational approach: merging theoretical with practical application.
  • EPIP concept (Engineering practice innovation project).

Acquired Certificates

  1. Academic Certificate
  2. Professional Practical Certificate

Workshop Students

  • Undergraduates
  • Masters and PHD students

Workshops in Depth

CNC machining

Raise the skills of operating, preparing, equipping and maintaining CNC machines, using: 2 CNC lathes and 2 milling machines.


Electric power generation system by wind energy, with the generation system attaching a precise control system to increase the operating efficiency. This workshop is conducted through the Luban Energy Workshop’s four systems and similar simulations.


The workhsop is conducted by Physical simulators and maintenance kits for the oil fueled cars, mechanisms, data retrieving and maintenance systems.