The Mechatronics Engineering major degree at Ain Shams University had opened its doors to undergraduate students in the fall of 2004. Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field of Mechanical, Electronics, computer science, and control engineering. The aim of this program is to graduate Mechatronics engineers, who are capable of penetrating Egyptian, regional, and international markets with their knowledge, skills, professionalism, and ethics. The Mechatronics department has a significant connection and interaction with local, regional, and global industries.

Program Mission

Providing high-quality up-to-date education in the field of Mechatronics, and preparing distinguished graduates who are capable of competing in the local, regional, and international markets, absorbing the fast-paced advances and new developments in the field of Mechatronics, conducting valuable research, and fulfilling the era’s requirements with respect to the ethical and professional standards in theory and practice. This is to enable our graduates to deal with the real problems in this field and provide specialized services to the community that is concerned with developing the built environment. This occurs within the framework of a supportive environment for the sustainable development of the knowledge and the various skills of the students as well as the faculty members and in cooperation with the relevant industrial and research entities locally and internationally.

Program Aims

The main aims of the Mechatronics Engineering program at the Faculty of Engineering in Ain Shams University are to equip the student with the proper scientific knowledge and develop his/her skills to:

  • PA1. Take a leading role in the professional practice on the scale of national, regional, and international Mechatronics engineering field, and communicate and work effectively within multi-disciplinary teams.
  • PA2. Adopt a holistic problem-solving approach for complex, ambiguous, and open-ended challenges and scenarios in the Mechatronics engineering field.
  • PA3. Exhibit a potential for higher education and research, as well as the ability to promote and sustain entrepreneurial ventures.
  • PA4. Demonstrate the capacity for critical thinking, creativity, lifelong learning, and self-development.
  • PA5. Compelled to challenge critical global issues by holding the responsibility of the built environment, responding to societal needs, conserving natural resources, and displaying professional and ethical responsibilities, and contextual understanding.
  • PA 6. Identify, formulate, and solve fundamental engineering problems.

Area of Study and Research

Today, the department's research program.

  • focuses on advanced fields in Mechatronics such as Bio-Mechatronics, Auto-Tronics.
  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotics
  • Nano-Mechatronics (N/MEMS).
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Control and Automation
  • Embedded systems for mechatronic applications

Facilities and Labs

  • Mechatronics Lab.
  • Control and Automation Lab.
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatic Lab.
  • Measurement Lab.
  • Robotics Control Lab

Heads of Department

  1. Prof Magdy M. Abdelhammed   (2007-2015)
  2. Prof. Sherif Ali Mohamed Hammad   (2015-2021)
  3. Prof. Mohammed Ibrahim M. H. Awad  (2021- Until now)