IDT Group


IDT (Industry Development Team) is a non-profit organization founded on 13/6/2008 at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain-Shams University. It aims to develop Egyptian industries to achieve its vision.

“The student and the factory”. They are the main factors of success. Equip the student with solid knowledge and develop the factory by implementing industrial engineering improvement projects.

  • Our Vision

Egypt is a leading industrial Country.

  • Short Term Mission

Applying acquired knowledge and providing hands-on consultancy gaining instantaneous.

  • Long Term Mission

Providing students through our programs with experience and knowledge that qualify them to break into the labour market.

  • Our Values

Working to build generations capable of contributing to the development of industry and making Egypt a pioneer in all aspects of the industry requires teamwork, consistency in self-improvement and community service.

IDT Main Events

  1. Consulting Event: IDT Consulting Projects has always been one of the most important events in IDT every year. Consulting department in IDT is a team of students who study industrial sciences all over the year and implement projects in factories in summer with what they have learned. They are led by an ex-consulting member in IDT, a student who has real-life experience in a factory, who is trying to pass on the knowledge and the experience to the new generation.
  2. Institute Event: Institute is our most popular event on campus, where ushering and selection of students with talents and high potential to progress and grow. They enter 24-18 hours of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Managerial Sessions, with a follow-up project where the students can apply what they learned in the sessions.
  3. Industrial Seminar: We provide talks on many Topics from Different fields providing Hands-On Experience, how they evolve in their positions and how they develop their skills.
  4. Internship Fair: We provide IDT Internships in the summer in different fields to fulfil the gap between university studies and the market needs taking its position as a life-changing experience.

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