Salah Eldin Hassan Gamal

Emeritus Professor at Engineering Physics and Mathematics

Career Information

Emeritus at : 2018-04-02
Professor at : 2010-12-29
Assistant Professor at : 2001-10-29
Teacher at : 1992-06-29
Teacher Assistant at : 1986-04-24
Demonstrator at : 1981-11-12

Academic Information

Ph.D. : 1992-04-14 From المعهد القومى للعلوم الكنيكية ليون - فرنسا
M.Sc. : 1986-01-01 From كلية الهندسة - جامعة عين شمس
Graduation : june / 1981 From كلية الهندسة - , جامعة عين شمس


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Recent Publications in Nanoelectronics and Applied Physics

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Research Projects

1. "Analysis and Study of Metal-4H Silicon Carbide Contacts," Principal Investigator.
Project no. (155/421), King Abdulaziz University, Faculty of Science, Jeddah, KSA.
2. "Characterization of Optoelectronic Devices," Co-Investigator
Project no. (157/423), King Abdulaziz University, Faculty of Science, Jeddah, KSA.