Center Director:   Dr. / Mossad Mohammed Kandil Kandil
Created: 27/11/2006

Unity objectives:

  • Interaction with the community and production units in order to solve problems and raise the work and development of products and services efficiently.
  • Inspection and testing and evaluating the validity of automotive parts.
  • The design of automotive parts and equipment.
  • Design, preparation and development of computer software for vehicle manufacturing.
  • The design of electronic systems for cars


  • Work tests for engines (continuous) company Kahromica.
  • Engineering drawings for semi-trailer of the company for the manufacture of car bodies.
  • Preparing a technical report on the test results of the performance of brakes on an ambulance company car Bonescy Italian.
  • Preparing a technical report on the causes of the Corolla car company accident.
  • A member in the maintenance of the ministry of health cars