Best Thesis Competition

Best Thesis Competition Academic year 2022-2023

Best M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses are awarded every year in each discipline. Graduate students with the highest Score according to the following criteria will be awarded.

  • The student is already awarded his/her degree during the last academic year (1/10/2022 to 30/9/2023)
  • The minimum score is 4 points for M.Sc. and 6 points for Ph.D.
  • The student’s affiliation must be Ain Shams University in all papers to be counted.

Required documents

  1. A scanned copy of M.Sc. or Ph.D. certificate
  2. Pdf file containing list of publications from the thesis (according to the following template)
  3. Proof documents for funded research grant. (if applicable)

Evaluation Rubric:

  • Paper in Q1 journal (according to Scopus)        6 Points
  • Paper in Q2 journal (according to Scopus)        4 Points
  • Paper in Q3 journal (according to Scopus)        2 Points
  • Paper in Q4 journal (according to Scopus)        1 Point
  • The thesis was funded by a research grant        1 Point

Download the template form
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