Iman Mahmoud S. Elazizy

Emeritus Professor at Irrigation and Hydraulics

Career Information

Emeritus at : 2019-08-01
Professor at : 2007-07-22
Assistant Professor at : 2000-02-24
Teacher at : 1995-10-30
Teacher Assistant at : 1985-09-05
Demonstrator at : 1981-09-24

Academic Information

Graduation : june / 1981 From Faculty of Engineering , Ain shams University


• Prof. of Hydraulics & Water Resources, Irrigation and Hydraulics Dept. Ain Shams University: 22/07/2007 till now
• Vice Dean for Education & Students Affairs 13/09/2010-17/09/2011. Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University
• Vice Dean for Environmental and Community Affairs 18/09/2009-13/09/2010 Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University


"تقييم الاثر البيئى اسس ودراسات من سلسة اسس واليات التنمية المستدامة" ا.د صلاح الحجار د. ايمان العزيزى. دار الفكر العربى I.S.B.N. 977-10-1736-5


2014 El Nadi, M.H., Elazizy, I. M. and Abdalla, M.A.F. “Use of Agricultural Wastes as Bio Filter Media in Aerobic Sewage Treatment”. AENSI, Australian Journal of Basic Sciences. ISSN 1991-8178.


2014 ElNadi, M., H., Elazizy, I. M., Samy, Gh. M., Abdalla, M. A. F. “Pollution Treatment in Water Stream Bodies using Rice Husk”. 10th International Conference on Civil & Architecture Engineering. ICCAE-10. Military Technical College. Cairo, Egypt.

2012 Samia Saad, Mohamed A Gad, Iman Elazizy, “A GIS METHOD FOR EXPLORING THE SPATIOTEMPORAL VARIATIONS OF GROUNDWATER DATA". ASCE, VII International Conference on Environmental Hydrology & Its Engineering Aspect and the First Symposium – Environmental Impacts on Nile River Resources September 25-27, Cairo Egypt