Ghada Farouk Hassan

Professor at Urban Planning

Career Information

Professor at : 2012-04-30
Assistant Professor at : 2005-10-31
Teacher at : 2000-08-28
Teacher Assistant at : 1995-01-18
Demonstrator at : 1989-10-19

Academic Information

Ph.D. : 2000-07-22 From كلية الهندسة - جامعة عين شمس
M.Sc. : 1994-12-21 From كلية الهندسة - جامعة عين شمس
Graduation : may / 1989 From كلية الهندسة - , جامعة عين شمس


Dr Ghada is currently head of the department of urban design and planning
Dr Ghada was leading an applied research about the demarcation of needs in existing cities using GIS and demographic data, in order to define comprehensively the deprived areas in el Menya City.This study was the initiation for an innovative approach to deal with the unplanned areas on the national level, managed by the ISDF.
Dr. Ghada was participating in preparing the future strategic vision of Cairo 2050 managed by the GOPP, she was responsible of the urban studies, analysis and the coordination with other specialties. she was also involved in the urban surveys and building database of the main agglomeration of Cairo,

She had also participated in the preparation of the strategic urban development plan (SUP) of 50 cities, managed by UN-Habitat as a team leader and urban planner. She had also participated in the implementation of the “Regional Urban Sector Profile Study” (RUSPS) research action-oriented project sponsored by UN-HABITAT in both Suez and Alexandria cities.

Dr Ghada is currently the consultant of participatory planning at the GOPP engaged to document and evaluate the participatory process followed in the project of the future Cairo vision and as the team leader responsible of the componant of the participatory planning the third phase of the project

Dr Ghada was leading the pilot project of slum upgrading through participation (El Matarya district) that was held by the GOPP. Also she had participating in the inventory and the surveys and the classification for unsafe areas in Egypt as consultant at ISDF (Informal Settlement Development Funds). She was involved in preparing the strategies for dealing with informal settlements in Egypt achieved by the GOPP. Also she was the participating in the urban upgrading of Abouhashish area, Cairo gavernorate, Ezbat Maamoon area, ElFayoum governrate.

In the domain of urban design, dr Ghada was participating as urban designer and landscaper in many projects in Half Moon Beach development project, and KAND project at Saudi Arabia

Dr ghada has many publications concerning the Regeneration Of Inner Cities, Participation, and Urban Planning



2 PARTICIPATION SLUM UPGRADING Documented experience from Ismailia, Egypt UN-HABITAT& UNDP 2011


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 2013 Participating in The international conference of sustainable architecture and urban development (SB13) Fermont , Cairo Nov 2013

 2010 Participating in The international conference of sustainable architecture and urban development (SAUD 2010) Royal Hotel, Amman, Jordan July 2010

 2010 Participationg in World Urban Forum WUF Conferences September 2010, Brazil, by organozing the egyptian exhibition: Cairo 2050: Approaches for Financing Housing for the Urban Poor in Egypt

 2010 Speeker at the AFD conference at December 2010 Cairo

 2007 Participating in the stearing commetee and the organisation of the International conferences of Ain Shams ASCEE April 2007, ASU

 2004-2005: Participation in Organizing, ASCEE 1 Ain Shams International Conference For Environmental Engineering.

 2003-2004: Team members in EDAPSE_ASOU Organization for education upgrading Program funded by the World Bank at Faculty of Engineering, Ain shams University