Aly Nabih El-Bahrawy

Emeritus Professor at Irrigation and Hydraulics

Career Information

Emeritus at : 2014-08-01
Professor at : 1998-01-26
Assistant Professor at : 1992-10-26
Teacher at : 1987-10-26
Teacher Assistant at : 1979-06-09
Demonstrator at : 1975-10-19

Academic Information


Dr. Aly works at the Irrigation and Hydraulics department, graduated and got his MSc. from Ain Shams University and his PhD from McMaster University Canada in 1985. He held many managerial positions and is the consultant for the Ministries of Irrigation and Water Resources, Higher Education and Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities. He executed many national and international projects during his academic life with organizations from Egypt, Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden, the World Bank, the Nile Basin and the EU. He is currently project manager for several projects in the Nile Basin. He has a vast teaching and training experience in the areas of water resources, hydro politics, computer modelling, soft skills and intercultural communication. He published two books and many scientific papers in the areas of hydraulics, hydrology, water resources management, education, participation in water management, etc. He is member of several committees inside and outside Egypt as reviewer of scientific papers, promotion documents, project proposals, etc. During his long career he visited more than 35 countries around the world for academic assignments.


2005 Visiting Professor, for three weeks, Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, supported by the Association of African Universities (AAU).
1994 Study Visit Scholarship, for three months, from the German Academic Exchange Service, at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany.
1994 Winner of Ain Shams University 'Excellent Research Prize' for the Faculty of Engineering.
1993 Guest Scholar, for two months, supported by the Kyoto University Foundation, at the Agricultural Engineering Department, Kyoto University, Japan.
1990 Post-Doctoral Scholarship, for two months, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany.
1983 1984 Clifton W. Sherman Graduate Scholarship, McMaster University.
1980-1984 Ph.D. Scholarship, Research and Teaching Assistantship, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, McMaster University, Canada.


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Research Projects

2015 - Project Consultant/Advisor for the Masstricht School of Management, the Netherlands funded by NUFFIC project reference NICHE-EGY-115, to provide high quality training for the human resources in the water sector. Responsibilities include project coordination, facilitation and technical consultancy and support of Training Sector management team, international and local trainers on implementation aspects.
2014 - Egypt Partner team Leader for the ‘Nile Ecosystem Valuation for Wise-Use (NileEco-VWU) Project. Project partners include NBCBN, universities of Ain Shams, Makerere, Egerton, SZIU, ITC, UNESCO-IHE, and UNESCO-Chair,
2012 - Manager of PartNaR project (Participatory Planning and Natural Resources Management) between Ain Shams University and Cologne University of Applied Sciences, supported by DAAD to develop modules for the development of water management.
2011 Consultant for the Arab Water Council (AWC) and Regional Coordinator for the Public Engagement in Water Management (PEWM) project in the second phase to prepare operation documents, conduct workshops with member countries, and supervise the translation and website activities.
2010 - Consultant for the National Water Resources Plan – Coordination Project (NWRP-CP), responsible for establishing and operationalizing the Monitoring and Evaluation system, and upgrading the Decision Support System (DSS).
2009 Co-Participant, ‘Enhancing Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Integrated Resources Management (IWRM) Knowledge and Skills for Ain Shams University Staff’, Swedish International Development Agency – SIDA, in co-operation with RAMBOLL, Sweden, a Change Project – Advanced International Training Program, Education for Sustainable Development in a River Basin Context..
Consultant for the National Information Map for Water Supply and Sanitation works for the level of Governorate Capitals of Suez Canal Region using GIS, General Organization of Urban Planning, Ministry of Housing and New Communities, value of contract 30,000 LE.
Knowledge Management Consultant, Individual Contractor Agreement 2009/LICA-SP/9980 with UNOPS for the Applied Training Project (ATP), the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI).
2008 Lead Consultant for the study of the level of IWRM (Integrated Water Resources Management) Implementation in Egypt, a contract with the ATP (Applied Training Project), NBI (Nile Basin Initiative), value of contract 9000 US$.
2006-2008 Project Manager for executing the National Information Map project for water supply and sanitation works: submitting reports and GIS maps with data for the Alexandria Region (Alexandria, Beheira and Marsa Matruh), for the Urban Planning Authority, Ministry of Housing, value of contract 45000 LE.
2004-2005 Project Manager, 'Technical Data Analysis and Presentation Skills for Engineers', EDAPSE, a project funded by Higher Education Enhancement Project Fund (HEEPF), value of grant 37,500 US$.
2002-2004 Executive Director of 'Paper Recycling in the Ain Shams University Area', a project funded by the Environmental Affairs Section, Ain Shams University, value of grant 22,000 L.E.
1991-1994 Executive Director of the 'Graduate Studies Development Project' at the Faculty of Engineering, a project funded by Graduate Affairs Section, Ain Shams University.