Akram Youssry Abdelaziz Mohamed

Teacher Assistant at Electronics Engineering and Electrical Communications

Career Information

Teacher Assistant at : 2016-05-18
Demonstrator at : 2013-03-20

Academic Information

Graduation : 2012 From Faculty of Engineering , Ain shams University


Akram Youssry received his BSc in communication systems engineering and MSc. in electronics and communications engineering from Ain Shams University in 2012 and 2015 respectively. He joined the communications and signal processing research lab (CSPRL), where he finished his master’s thesis entitled "Applications of Quantum Mechanics in Signal Processing". He is currently preparing to start his PhD in the field of quantum information processing. Akram worked as a teaching assistant in 2012 and as an assistant lecturer at 2016. During this period, he was responsible for teaching undergraduate tutorials and labs, helped in supervising graduation projects, and established many novel undergraduate lab experiments.


A. Youssry, A. El-Rafei, and S. Elramly, “A quantum mechanics-based framework for image processing and its application to image segmentation,” Quantum Information Processing, vol. 14, no. 10, pp. 3613–3638, 2015.

A. Youssry, A. El-Rafei, and S. Elramly, “A quantum mechanics-based algorithm for vessel segmentation in retinal images,” Quantum Information Processing, vol. 15, no. 6, pp. 2303–2323, 2016.