Aya Mohamd Hisham Mohamed Abd El Rahman Elsisy

Teacher Assistant at Architecture Engineering

Career Information

Teacher Assistant at : 2018-05-10
Demonstrator at : 2013-02-13

Academic Information


Best M.Sc. Thesis in Architectural Engineering Department for the year 2017/2018 – Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University.


-- Elnably, M., Mansour, Y., Assem, A., & Elsisy, A. (2020). City Branding Through Porter’s Competitive Models: Investigating El Shorouk City Market Position. In Architecture and Urbanism: A Smart Outlook (pp. 387-399). Springer, Cham.

-- Elnably, M., Mansour, Y., Assem, A., & Elsisy, A. (2019). the impact of city branding and community perception through social media on housing occupancy rates: the case of El-Shorouk CIty, Egypt. In SPACE international conference.

-- Elsisy, A., Ashour, A. M., Khalifa, M. A., & Khodeir, L. M. (2019). Decision Making Ideology: Correlation Analysis Between Informal Settlements Growth & Upgrading Policies in Egypt. In New Cities and Community Extensions in Egypt and the Middle East (pp. 139-157). Springer, Cham.

-- Khodeir, L. M., Elsisy, A., & Nagy, M. (2016). Pre-assessment of metropolitan areas’ smart growth through agent based modelling. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 34, 245-257.

Research Projects

--- Sustainable Development of the Built Environment (SDBE) – Joint project between Ain Shams University (ASU) & University of East London (UEL) – Second Training Round; Low Carbon Design Strategies & Renewable Energy – London - UK (April 2018)

--- Desert Wood Joint Project: Interdisciplinary & Intercultural Design Project (15ECTS) at Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) in cooperation with Ain Shams University – Munich - Germany (April - August 2016)

--- Participatory Planning & Resources Management” PartNar Joint Project between Technical University of Cologne & Ain Shams University under the German – Arab Transformation Partnership Program – Cologne - Germany (June 2014)