World Design Studio (WDS) is an international studio, that depends on problem-based learning where students are challenged with real life problems or situations that need our concern to propose solutions, strategies and designs that hopefully will have a role in national and international development and prosperity. 
The studio’s core pillars are architecture, urban and Landscape design but in WDS we also strongly believe in the multidisciplinary approach, so with every project comes different challenges that require different disciplines’ input that we do our best to provide to our students for best realistic, fruitful experience.

WDS project has two phases

  1. Pre-project: The students are given a project on a smaller scale in the same zone they will study in the next phase in order to be aware of the zone and all its characteristics, this phase includes Pre-inventory analysis and internal teamwork.
  2. Project: The actual case where the students are given the challenge in reality with all its aspects, this phase includes inventory analysis, internal and cross-cultural teamwork for optimum knowledge and cultural exchange.

Future WDS

  • Summer training
  • Pre-WDS : Summer courses for students in their first years (first to third year) that are willing to participate in their final year in the World Design Studio in order to prepare them for the experience so they can make the best out of it.