The studio hosts students from the three continents; Africa, North America and Asia. It is the first studio of its kind, employing the knowledge and expertise of three Universities in developing the skills of the students in the field of Architectural Design and Landscape Architecture through engaging in joint projects that targets studying and proposing solutions to real-world problems world-wide. 
The WDS is intended to grow to incorporate a wider range of disciplines, including: a range of engineering specializations, the biological engineering, natural sciences and agriculture, the arts and humanities. It is intended to offer project-based coursework broadly focused on contemporary community engagement, economic development, innovation, sustainability, resilience, advanced manufacturing and materials, analytics and big data, energy and transportation, potentially anywhere in the world.  The WDS will accept applicants who are undergraduate students or post graduate students working on their Master’s or PhD.
WDS Objectives and offerings can be divided as follows:
  • Educational Objective:
Enhancing the quality of education in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and other disciplines (PDBE, engineering, natural sciences, arts and humanities) through engagement with outstanding international university partners of outstanding expertise and facilities
  • Academic Exchange Objective:
Exchanging knowledge, skills and experiences among professors and students from partner universities to enrich university programs in global context.
  • Cultural Exchange Objective:
Strengthening the cultural relations and exchange between African, American and Asian students through pedagogy, interactive cross-cultural learning setting and outreach within international settings.
  • Developmental and Communal Objectives: 
Benefiting from the international expertise in providing well-grounded solutions for the most urgent problems in the partnering countries and applying lessons learned from the best practices world-wide.