Facility Management , Maintenance Management , Health and Safety

Facility Management (FM) is the process of provision and delivery of services by the most effective means. Although effective practices of FM form a keystone in providing cost-effective operation of facilities, current practices of FM in Egypt are seldom studied or evaluated. The objective of this research group is thus to evaluate the status, importance and impact of the application of FM. The papers related to this area of research presented a real-time view of what exists in the field of FM, upon which one can depend in judging the status, importance and impact of FM applications in construction projects in Egypt. In addition, the relationship between FM and health and safety have also been an area of concern. Finally, this area focused on some related practices and processes to FM, namely Value Management which could be considered either a separate process or one of the FM processes.

Research Team

  1. Laila Khodair
  2. Doaa Kamal

Related Journal Publication List

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