Building Information Modelling, Building Energy Models and Management

Egyptian architectural firms are moving from the use of CAD towards the adoption of BIM. Meanwhile, these firms are challenged with the use of Building Energy Models BEM in order to cope with the call for energy conservation. To achieve better collaboration, the approach of BIM2BEM has emerged, aiming to integrate between BEM and BIM, which leads to the production of buildings that cope with updates in environmental policies. Nevertheless, these changes facing Egyptian architectural firms haven’t been examined in an integrated manner in published research work. Thus, the main objective of this area of research is to examine the status of the application of both BIM and BEM, in Egypt, and how both processes affect the process of management of architecture and construction projects. The focus of this research area was mainly on the 4th generation of BIM , “4D”, “6D” and7D . Those generations that were concerned with building visualization, sustainability measures and facility management.

Research Team

  1. Nouran Elabd
  2. Ashraf Nessim

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