Risk Management in Architecture , Construction and Smart Building Projects

Construction projects either conventional, or smart require efficient management of risks during their design and construction phases. Therefore, it is crucial to identify any possible deviations towards meeting their objectives. Such deviation forced such projects to be delivered behind schedule and over budget. This area of research was based on the fact that such vulnerable projects do not require only qualitative analysis but requires an accurate quantitative analysis of risk based on knowledge and practice. Reserch papers concerning this area of reserch was focused on the three main processes of risk managent including risk identification, qualitative risk analysis and quantitative process . In addition in some papers the risk plans was alredy designed including all risk response strategies required and the identification of responsible stakeholder for the action plan. The application in this reserch area was performed on mega constructions  including conventional structures , infrastructure projects and smart building projects as well . 

Research Team

  1. Laila Khodeir

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