Sludge Treatment

Sludge treatment through anaerobic digestion is a well established and widely approved process for disposal reduction whilst producing biogas, yet there is still a need for optimizing the process in terms of stability, inhibition problems and methane yields enhancements. Hence, upstream the process, several pre-treatment technologies can be adopted to anaerobic digestion plants to digest a variety of substrates and increase biogas production. On the other side, downstream the process, digested sludge management approaches is challenged by environmental and economic concerns, associated with digestate nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations and heavy metal content, in addition to transportation and storage costs. On these bases, this research areas focuses on sludge anaerobic digestion through applying pretreatments to enhance the process, and post-treatments to improve the whole sludge management process.

Research Team

  1. Sherien Elagroudy

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