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Mostafa Refat Ahmed Ismail
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Architecture Engineering
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Mostafa Earned his B.Ss from Ain Shams University 1994 with distinction and honours, he hold his Ph.D. degree from the School of Architecture and Building Engineering, at the University of Liverpool, UK 2003. He worked at EPSRC funded projects and Lecturer at the University of Liverpool till 2006, and until 2008 at the Glasgow School of Art. He is teaching Acoustics, Building services, Design Studio, Workshop, and Working drawings as well as Graduation Project. Mostafa taught many courses related to architectural Building Services and technical studies at many International and Egyptian Universities at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Levels. He served as the General Manager, and Minister Advisor, at the Technical Affairs Department, NEW URBAN COMMUNITIES AUTHORITY NUCA, Ministry if Housing and Urban Development, EGYPT, for 2 years. He published many papers at international conferences and Journals, as well as contributions in books. He is a member of the higher scientific committee for developing the code of practice, Ministry of Culture, EGYPT. THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR URBAN HARMONY, Ministry of Culture, EGYPT. And a member of the executive committee of the INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURAL AND URBAN PLANNING COMPETITION , THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR URBAN HARMONY, Ministry of Culture, EGYPT. He is partner in EPSRC funded research projects, with the University of Liverpool, UK. And TEMPUS projects with ILPO, Stuttgart University, Germany. He organized two conferences for Ain Shams University, and participated in organizing a conference for the BUE. He is a Visiting Scholar, Department of Architecture, University of Liverpool. UK. Many postgraduate students have been successfully supervised by him for research towards the degrees of MPhil and PhD. He is an academic referee for several International and national journals in his area of research interest that involves Acoustics, sound transfer, room acoustics, outdoor noise propagation, Sustainable Design, Energy transfer modeling, Computer Modeling and simulation of Building Performance, and Experimental modeling. His particular interest extends to the areas of Sustainable Urban Development, ECO Design, as well as Environmental monitoring. He served as external examiner for research and undergraduate graduation degrees at the University of Liverpool UK, Al-Elbeit University Jordan, and many Universities in EGYPT.

Professor Building Science- School of Architecture 6/28/2010

Appreciation Certificate from the Ministers Council Presidency Information Centre and Support Decision [IDSC]. “Technology Developing Program“. 1994.
Appreciation Certificate from the Architectural Engineering Society, Egypt, 1995.
Appreciation Certificate from the architectural Engineering Branch [Engineering Syndicate], 1995.
Appreciation Certificate from School of Architecture AIN SHAMS University for effort done at ARUP2006, 2006.
Appreciation Certificate from AIN SHAM University for Research Excellency, 2008.
Appreciation Certificate from the British University in Egypt, for the honour Prize at the Bergen National Wood Festival Competition, Bergen Norway, 2010.

Member of the:
Institute Of Acoustics [IOA], United Kingdom, England.
Egyptian Architectural Engineering Society.
Egyptian Engineering Syndicate.
Egyptian Society of Engineers.
Acoustical Society of Egypt ASE.
Acoustical Society of America ASA.

M. R. Ismail. Adaptable Theories for modeling Urban Noise Propagation. Urban Noise Propagation. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2013-02-25).
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Published Research:
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Educational and Research Projects:
2003→March 2004:
School of Architecture and Building Engineering. [ARU] The University of Liverpool.
EPSRC Grant Reference: GR/R46243/01
Principal Investigator: Professor DJ Oldham
Project Partner: ARUP
Title: Development of Novel Window Systems for Optimum Acoustic, Ventilation and Daylight Performance.

Using Finite Element Modelling [FEM] and Boundary Element Modelling [BEM] models validated by scale model measurements.

CIAC Tempus Project- 2008-10

Research Development and Innovation Programme (RDI), Proposals / Innovation Cluster
SD-ALL Sustainable Development Adaptable Lifelong Learning Centre


My research interest in Building Acoustic, Noise transfer and mitigation strategies, Urban Noise modelling, Sonic spaces, Soundscapes as well as Aural Architecture. My interest extends in areas involving Sustainable Design, Energy transfer modelling, Computer Modelling of Building Performance, and Experimental modelling. My particular interest extends in the areas of Sustainable Urban Development, ECO Design, as well as Environmental monitoring.

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