Full Name:
ibrahim Aldesouky Helal Mahmoud Helal
Academic Rank:
Emeritus Professor
ASU Email:
Electrical Power and Machines Engineering
Graduation Year:

Dr. Helal has participated in several power system research and studies through national and international organizations as well as teaching in both Canadian and Egyptian universities. He is also the author and co-other of several papers in the field of power systems planning, operation, and analysis which are published in reputed international journals and conferences. Beside being a member in the IEEE and IEC, Dr. helal is the IEEE-PES chairman of Egypt Chapter, Dr. Helal as well used to be the secretary of the energy saving committee in the Scientific Research Academy of Egypt as well as a registered “Energy Transmission and Distribution” consultant in the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate. Currently, Dr. Helal is a professor of electrical power systems in Ain Shams University of Egypt.
Dr. Helal took over the planning, design of and construction supervision of several Power transmission & distribution projects including substations high and medium voltage networkes and building. He participated as the electrical Engineer for several national and international projects such as the Dommitta container yard, Alsokhna port utilities, East Port Said port networks, Toshka pumping station. He also acted as the design manager of the 120000 acres of KADCO project in the south valley of Egypt, Toshki. Besides, he was the Electrical Engineer in charge of the construction supervision of The Bibliotecha Alexandrina building which was awarded the Agha-Khan prestigious architecture award in 2004.
Dr. Helal is recognized as referee in the supreme cauncel of universities Egypt for professorship. He also is the referee for applications of research projects and Egyption universities academic awards and national awards in scientific research academy.

He also is the supervisior and cosupervisor of several Ph.D & Master students in the field of power systems.

2007 - Now : Professor, Electrical Power Systems
2013 –2014 : First under secretary of state for ministry of Educationm, Head of Technical Education Sector
2007-2011 : Director of quality assurance unit, faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.
2007-2009 : Head of the environmental Eengineering Dept, Institute of Envirmmental Research & Studies, Ain Shams University
2001 – 2007 : Associate professor, Electrical Power & Machines Dept., Ain Shams University
1995 - 2000 : Assistant professor, Electrical Power & Machines Dept., Ain Shams University
1990 - 1995 : Instructor and teaching assistance at University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada.
1988-1990 Lecturer Assistant, Ain Shams University.
1982 - 1988 : Teaching Instructor, Ain Shams University

2004 : Bibliotecle Alexandrina acknowledgement and appreciation certificate, for the played in the role construction of BA building.
1991-1994 : The Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada NSERC Scholarship to study for the Ph.D. degree in University of New Brunswick, Canada.
1989 : Teaching Excellency from Ain Shams University.

Not Available
Published Research:
1. F.Hashiesh, Atia,& I.Helal “ Wide area based controlled islanding with application to a real power system” ISGT Europe 2014
2. Ibrahim Helal, Ahmed M. Atallah, Mohamed Ahmed Samy “ Electrical Power Analysis of Zayat Gulf onshore wind farm ‘ Accepted for the IEEE general meeting 2012 California, USA.
3. F . Hashiesh, H. Mostafa, I. Helal, and M. Mansour, “A Wide Area Synchrophasor Based ANN Transient Stability Predictor for the Egyptian Power System” IEEE PES 2010 Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Europe, October 10-13,2010 Gothenburg, Sweden .
4. F. Hashiesh, H. Mostafa, I. Helal, and M. Mansour, “Wide Area Information Using Internet Networking – An Application for Early Detection of Transient Instabilities in Power System” 5thService Symposium in Eastern Provence KSA, March 2010 .
5. F. Hashiesh, H. Mostafa, I. Helal, A Elkhatib, and M. Mansour “ Wide Area Transient Stability Prediction Using On-line Artificial Neural Networks” 8th Annual Electrical Power & Energy Conference (EpEC), Vancouver, Canada, 6-7 October 2008
6. Ibrahim Helal " A Heuristic Based approach for enumerating the minimal path sets in a distribution network " accepted for IEEE General meeting 2007,24-28 June 2007 Tampa,flouda,USA
7. M. Abdel Aal Abd el-rehim. I. Helal. M. Anwar " multi-machine power system Dynic equivalents using artifiwal intelligence proceedings of the middle east power conference MEPCON. 19-21 Dec. 2006, EL-Minia univ, EL-Minia, Egypt.
8. A.R. Abu El Wafa, Ibrahim Helal, Gamal Haggag Evaluation of Reliability Indices Using Mont-Carlo Simulation and Application to A Practical power generating system Sixth Regional Committees Of Cigre In Arab Countries ,2005
9. I. Helal, et. al. "Power System Restoration using Expert System Technique," Proceedings of the International Conference on Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering ICEEC 2004, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
10. Ibrahim Helal, S.A.Soliman & A.M. Youssef “Electric Load management For Industrial Plants” MEPCON 2003 Minoufiya Uni., Shebin El-kom, Egypt.
11. I. Helal, et al, “Certainty Factor Technique for Faulted Section Estimation in Electrical Power Systems”, Middle East Power System Conf. MEPCON’2000, Ain Shams Univ., Cairo, Egypt.
12. A.R. Abou Elwafa, I.Helal, & “A probabilistic approach for the determination of optimal reserve for Power Generating system” Afro- Asian Fourth Int. Conf. 26, 1998 Cairo, Egypt.
13. I. Helal, et. al. "A New Expert System for Faulted Section Identification and Protection System Analysis in Electric Power Networks," Middle East Power Conference MEPCON 97, Alex. Egypt
14. I. Helal, et. al. "Fuzzy Modeling as an Alternative to Handle Different Aspect of Uncertainty in Power Systems Studies," Proceedings of Canadian Society of Electric and Computer Engineering CSECE, Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering 1994, Halifax, Canada.
15. I. Helal, et. al. "A Fuzzy Logic Approach for HL1 Reliability Evaluation", Proceedings of CSECE 1993, Vancouver, Canada.
16. I. Helal, et. al. "Prospective Use of Fuzzy Logic in Power System Reliability", Proceedings of the Power System Computation Conference PSCC, Avignon, France Aug. 1993.
17. I. Helal, et. al. "Toward a Knowledge Base for HL1 reliability evaluation for an Operating Power System," Proceedings of the Canadian Electric Association CEA 1993, Montreal, Canada.
18. I. Helal, et. al. "Development of an Expert System on Reliability Evaluation," Proceedings of the Canadian Electric Association CEA 1992, Vancouver, Canada.
19. A. M. Sharaf, I. Helal, W. Smolinski "A Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller for DC Motor Drives," Second IASTED Int. Conf. Computer Applications in Industry, 1992, Alex. Egypt
20. M. Mansour, G. Swift, M. F. Salem, and I. Helal "A Multi-function Microprocessor Based Relay," IFAC Int. Symposium on Power Systems and Plant Control, 1989, Seoul, Korea.
21. M. Mansour, A. Al-Kandari, M. F. Salem, I. Helal "A New Microprocessor Based Symmetrical Components Filter," 19th, Annual Pittsburg Conf. on Modeling and Simulation, 1988, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Published Research in Confernces:
1. Ahmed M. Atallah, I.Helal, and M.A.Samy, “Offshore wind farm power analyses at Zayt Gulf, Egypt, Submitted to Ain Shams Engineering Journal.
2. F . Hashiesh, M. Mansour, H. Mostafa, A. Khatib, and I.Helal, “An Intelligent Wide Area Synchrophasor Based System for Predicting & Mitigating Transient Instabilities” IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, volume PP , Issue 99,April 2012 .
3. Ibrahim Helal, et.al., " Environmentally constrained sitting and sizing of Distributed Generation ", submitted to Int. J. of Electrical Power System Research, Science Direct, jan 2009
4. Ibrahim Helal, "A procedure for distribution system planning of a large-scale agricultural project" Int. J. of Electrical Power System Research, Science Direct, 78 (2008) 794-805,.
5. Soliman Abdel-Hady Soliman, Ibrahim Helal, A.H.Youssef, Electric load Management using Electricity Tariff Algorithm " Int . Journal of Emerging Electric power systems, Nov,21 st,2007
6. A.R. Abu El Wafa, Ibrahim Helal, Gamal Haggag, “Application of Monte Carlo simulation to multi areas reliability evolution (maximum flow–minimum cut set algorithm ), Scientific bulletin, Part II, Faculty of engineering, Ain Shams Uni., vol. 41, No. 3 , Sept. 2006. pp 695-709
7. A.R. Abou Elwafa, I. Helal, & Gamal Hagag, “A reliability criteria for unit addition and maintenance schedule planning of 2 power generating system “, scientific bulletin, Faculty of engineering, Ain Shams Uni., vol. 37, No. 4 , Dec. 2002.
8. I. Helal, “Identification of Harmonic Loads and Their Contribution Using Fuzzy Set Theory”, Accepted for IEEE Power Engineering Letters, June 2000.
9. Masoud Sobeh, I. Helal, A. Elkharashi, & A. Assad, “Energy Management Using Fuzzy Optimization Technique”, MEPCON’98, Mansoura Univ., Mansoura, Egypt.
10. M. Mansour, M. F. Salem, and I. Helal "Design and Realization of a Digital Relay for Induction Motor Protection," Ain Shams University Engineering Bulletin, Vol. 25, No. 2, Aug. 1990, pp 239-256.

Educational and Research Projects:
Not Available
Consulting and Engineering Projects:
Substation & Networks :-
1. East Port Said port electrical Networks Estimated load of 80 MVA
2. East Port Said port substation, 2-125 MVA, 220/22/22 KV. Networks Estimated load of 80 MVA.
3. Electrical Networks for Irrigation modernization of 200.000 Acres, on north & South govermentes World Bank & IFAD financed (Project Approx Value 300 milion L.E)
4. El-Gabal El-Akhder Project Networks in Nasr City, 8 trans. 1.5 MVA.
5. Ghalion Fish Farm Kafr Alsheikh electrical network & Pump station (20*40 MVA)
6. East Port Said Fish Farm Networks & Pumpstations Extension (15000 Acrs & 7000 Arcs)
7. Al-Sahaba Project Networks in Aswan, 13 trans. X0.5 MVA
8. Concordia Resort in 6th October city (60 Villas & Landscape), 6MVA.
9. Al-Sadaka Project Networks in Aswan, second phase, 24 trans. X 0.5 MVA
10. Al-Goziara economic type residential Networks in Aswan 3 Trans. X0.5 MVA
11. Redesign for cost reducation of MV Network for irrigation Mahmoudia.
12. Katmia Palms residential Compound 30 acres (2×2MVA).
13. Camp leomenare 6000 KVA.
14. Awlad Badawi Housing Complex 5000KVA.
15. Megawish Resort Village (Fire Alarm Network)
Hospital :-
1. Design & Construction Supervision of: -
Smouha Maternity Univ Hospital (PPP Project).
Al-Mowassah Univ Hospital (PPP Project).
2. Educational Hospital in Egypt Chinese Univ (ECU)
2*1.6 MVA+1*2MVA (Building A)
3*1.6MVA+2*2MVA (Building B)
3. Arafat Hospital Saudi Arabia , 4*1.5MVA+1*1MVA.
4. Namera Hospital Saudi Arabia 3*1.5MVA+1*0.5MVA.
5. Hahia Hospital, (3MVA).
6. Al-Masah Al-Bahary Port Said, (2MVA)
7. Al-Zaitoon general hospital ( 3×2MVA )
8. AL-Bagour Hospital (3×1.5MVA )
9. Trauma hospital ,Medical Insurance Authority, Nasr City , (4 MVA)
10. Department-8 Surgery, Ain Shams University Hospitals.
11. Tanat Hospital (8 MA).
12. Gifgafa Hospital (8 MA).
13. Baghdad Hospital (8 MA).
14. Romana Hospital (8 MA).
15. Manshyt Al Bakry Hospital (8 MA).
16. Atfeh Hospital (8 MA).
17. Al-Ryad Hospital (8 MA).
18. Alsanta Almarkazy Hospital (8 MA).
19. Al Aresh Hospital (8 MA).
20. Al-Gardaaa Hospital (8 MA).
21. Paris Hospital (8 MA).
22. Homyat El Suez Hospital (8 MA).
23. Asmailia Hospital (8 MA).
24. Al-suez Hospital (8 MA).
25. Port Saied Hospital (8 MA).
26. Port Fouad Hospital (8 MA).
27. Altal Elkeber Hospital (8 MA).
28. Abo Khalifa Hospital (8 MA).
29. Sadr Alsuez Hospital (8 MA).
30. Al-Wasta hospital ( 3×1 MVA )
31. Al-Naser district hospital, Bani Swif ( 3×1 MVA)
32. Keft hospital (3×1 MVA )
33. Al-Kosair hospital (3×1 MVA )
34. Sharm El-sheick hospital (Renavation).
35. Louxer hospital.
36. Belarisia Research Center, Ain Shams University Hospitals
37. Al-Khazendara Hospital renovations, (1MVA).
38. Al-Agozah Hospital renovations, (6MVA)
39. One-day-surgery Hospital, Nasr city.
40. EL-SAF CENTRAL Hospital, EL-SAF, 2 MVA
41. Rehabilitation of Trauma Center, Al Salam Hospital, Al Salam City, Cairo

Industrial Building :-
1. Horis Medicion Factory – 6 October city (Shop Drawing).
2. Leoni Factory – Badr City 2×1000 KVA.
3. Mekka Factory Cairo – Alex Desert RD, 18MVA.
4. D.O.K car wind shield factory, 6th October City, 4 MVA
5. Al Fath packing factory, Obour city, 2.5 MVA
6. Design of water supply stations for the villages, Arab Contractors
7. AUG Pharma 2*1500KVA.
8. Panex Pharma 1000KVA.
Commercial & residential building
1. Planning & design modern residential District – Assiut (813 acre area)
2. Police Compound Buildings 3*1.600KVA+4*1000KVA.
3. Al-Mostakabal compound buildings, ministry of interior affairs, (6MVA)
4. Neamat El-Sahraa 1000KVA.
5. Renovation of Embassy of Nigeria.
6. El-merag Building 400KVA.
7. CEMEX Ready-mix admin.bldg., Katamia, Cairo, 500 KW Generator
8. Rehabilitation of the Electrical Room for the Administration building No.3, Abbas El Akkad st. Cairo, 2MVA
9. Talkha Multi-purpose (Police & Residential) Building, 1.5 MVA.
10. International Cairo exhibition, nasr city halls rennovation, 1× 2mva+4×1+1×1.5.
11. Markato Mall, 1500KVA.
12. Sky Plaza Mall - Elshrok City, 2*2MVA+2*1.5MVA.
Education Buildings
1. Badr Univ Phase 1, 5MVA.
2. Al-Azhar Univ 300MVA
3. Seminar hall, faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University
Banks Building
1. Nationl Bank of Egypt - Borg El-gamaa, 2*2000KVA+1*200KVA.
2. Nationl Bank of Egypt - Borg El-Asema 2-1500KVA+1*250KVA
3. Nationl Bank of Egypt - El-Borg Branch 1250KVA
4. Nationl Bank of Egypt - Dar Al-Bank Al-Ahly – Victoria-Alex.
5. Nationl Bank of Egypt – Talat Harb Mall.
6. East Cairo & 10th of Ramadan Elevetors, 2 elevators – 4 Stops eac.
7. Helwan Elevetors, 2 elevators – 4 Stops eac.
8. Shreef Building Elevetors.
9. Shreef Building Substation ......... 2×1.5 MVA.
10. Banks warehouse in Halkousi & Minia El-Basal.
11. Generator Room in EDCO Branch.
12. Generator Room in Haram Branch.
13. Al Ahly Bank's Branch, Haee Elsalam “ Ismailia” Branch , Faisal Branch And Training Center In Faisal Elevators
14. Nationl Bank of Egypt - HVAC system for fakoos branch e

Special Buildings
1. Maspero Building renovation and secturity of electrical supply.
2. Jeddah Flag Pole – KSA.
3. Louxor Air Port Tower, 1 MVA

Supervised Thesis:
1- Efficient Energy Managment System For Microgrids Marwa Abuelnasr 2015
1- Engineering and Economical Feasibility Study fir renewable Energy Appication in an Isolated Tourist Village Massoud M Sabyh 1998
2- Transient Stability Analysis of Milti-Machine Power System Using Intgrated Dynamic Equivalents and al ……….. Mohamed Anwar 2008
3- Generating Capacity Reliability Evaluation in Interconnected System Gamal Abd El-latif 2008
4- Electronic Requirements for Determination of Hazardous and radioactive Contaminant …… Adel Abdel-Samii 2009
5- The Effect of Electrochemical Corrosion Metals Related to Petroleum Industry and ITS Environmental Ali Gomaa Ali 2011
6- Control of HVDC Power System Using Artificial Intelligence M.M.M Afifi 1999
7- Reliability of Electric Supply Systems Gamal Abdeltif Haggag 2001
8- Development of Local Techniques for Recycle and Reuse of Transformer Oils Ali Gomaa Ali Abdelaziz 2005
9- Power System Load Management Ahmed Mohamed Youssff 2005
10- Economic Dispatch Using Genetic Algorithm Mohamed Ibrahim Mahrous Ali 2008
11- Optimal Planning for Distributed Generation in Distribution Networks May Youssry 2009
12- The REQURIED Environmental Norms in DEALING with the Historical MOSQUES Rashid Nasser Salem 2012
13- Offshore Wind Turbine Energy Generation Mohamed Samy 2012
Theis Title Student graduation
14- Distribution System Service Restoration Using Artificial Intellignce Samah Mohamed 1998
15- Fault Diagnosis for Electrical Power System Using Modern Technique Wael Mohamed Sliman 2011
16- Power System Voltage Stability Enhancement Using Facts Controllers Mohamed Farouk Beshir 2013
17- Transformer Internal Faults Protection System Hady El-Ghareeb 2010
18- Factors Affecting Power Quality in Electrical Systems Ahmed Yousseff Ahmed 2007

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