Faculty of Engineering - ASU
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Iman Mahmoud S. Elazizy
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Irrigation and Hydraulics Engineering
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• Prof. of Hydraulics & Water Resources, Irrigation and Hydraulics Dept. Ain Shams University: 22/07/2007 till now
• Vice Dean for Education & Students Affairs 13/09/2010-17/09/2011. Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University
• Vice Dean for Environmental and Community Affairs 18/09/2009-13/09/2010 Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University

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"تقييم الاثر البيئى اسس ودراسات من سلسة اسس واليات التنمية المستدامة" ا.د صلاح الحجار د. ايمان العزيزى. دار الفكر العربى I.S.B.N. 977-10-1736-5
Published Research:
2014 El Nadi, M.H., Elazizy, I. M. and Abdalla, M.A.F. “Use of Agricultural Wastes as Bio Filter Media in Aerobic Sewage Treatment”. AENSI, Australian Journal of Basic Sciences. ISSN 1991-8178. www.ajbasweb.com.

Published Research in Confernces:
2014 ElNadi, M., H., Elazizy, I. M., Samy, Gh. M., Abdalla, M. A. F. “Pollution Treatment in Water Stream Bodies using Rice Husk”. 10th International Conference on Civil & Architecture Engineering. ICCAE-10. Military Technical College. Cairo, Egypt.

2012 Samia Saad, Mohamed A Gad, Iman Elazizy, “A GIS METHOD FOR EXPLORING THE SPATIOTEMPORAL VARIATIONS OF GROUNDWATER DATA". ASCE, VII International Conference on Environmental Hydrology & Its Engineering Aspect and the First Symposium – Environmental Impacts on Nile River Resources September 25-27, Cairo Egypt

Educational and Research Projects:
Not Available
Consulting and Engineering Projects:
2005 . EIA for the development of Hurghada Marine, 2005
2003 EIA for Jetty and Beach protection for Paradise Resort Ras Suder, (Consultant) EIA measures for the construction of jetty and for the groins for beach protection
2002 Till now Environmental Consulting Engineering for EEAA Egypt for Coastal, Irrigation and Drainage projects. Judging the EIA project for Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), such as:
- EIA expected on the Polin area due to Polin navigation canal between Rashid Branch, El Nubaria canal and El Rayha Elbeheri.
- EIA expected on the rehabilitation of Maritime lock on El Nubaria canal and Mediterranean Sea.
- EIA expected on coastal Police Club Roshdi Alexandria (artificial beach and breakwater)
- EIA expected on Several groins and jetties for several resort on the red sea
- EIA Expected on Petrojet Flair in Manzala Lake
2002 Environmental Consulting Engineering for EEAA for Coastal, Irrigation and Drainage projects.
2002 Study Environmental Impact Assessment report for Sanitary Landfill in Port Said City
2000 Design of wave effect and the corresponding Hl action on Stanley Bridge piles during construction and working stages, for Arab Contractor, and their consulted Prof. Dr. Abdullah Abu Zeid.
2000 Study the different construction method of pile execution of Stanley Bridge to avoid wave effects during construction.
2000 Design the protection wave breakwater for Stanley Bridge, Alexandria. Dr. Abdullah Abu Zied consulting office.
1999 Design of Marina Sheraton Hurgada (jetties and quay walls) submitted to Arab Consulting Engineers, Moharram-Bakhoum.
1999 Technical support for Mena Contractor Company for studying Elbrolos Port

Supervised Thesis: