Faculty of Engineering - ASU
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Yussra Mohamed Emam Rashed
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Structural Engineering
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BSc Building Engineering, Ain Shams University-CHEP
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Published Research:

Published Research in Confernces:
1. The viability of using different types of recycled plastic as glazing in windows
2. The Power of Data Visualization: A Prototype Energy Performance Map for a University Campus
3. The Effect of Vegetation on Daylight Availability
4. A new climate-based daylight metric for hot climates
Educational and Research Projects:
1. 2015-2016: Egyptian Renewable Energy Cluster Initiative (ERECI), an innovation cluster project coordinated by Cairo University, funded by EU-Egypt Innovation Fund through the Research, development and Innovation (RDI) Programme, an EU funded programme at the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research.
2. 2014-2015: Energy Performance Map for the American University in Cairo Campus.
Consulting and Engineering Projects:
1. 2015: Almaza City Center, Site Logistics Plan Proposal
2. 2015: Mall of Egypt, Vox Cinema, Site Logistics Plan Proposal

Supervised Thesis:

Not Available