Important Instructions to Students

  1. Take into account the need to present the personal identification card (College ID - Nomination Card) when requested by security personnel when entering college or anywhere within the college.
  2. Do not deal violently with the entrance gates.
  3. Do not throw cigarette butts in places of assembly or garbage timber.
  4. All kinds of playing cards are prohibited.
  5. Keep an eye on your personal belongings (Laptops - Mobiles - Tools) and identify the strangers and inform the security in the case of a person with any suspicious behavior.
  6. Elevators are dedicated to Faculty members, staff members, and students with critical cases.
  7. No use of loudspeakers or any musical instruments without permission from the Faculty administration.
  8. In case you see suspicious objects, please do not deal with it and immediately inform security personnel.
  9. Please do not break the doors of the auditoriums and classrooms.
  10. Maintain hygiene in general and do not cut flowers.
  11. Not to sit in the alleys of the buildings and on the cars.
  12. Not to appear in clothes that are not suitable faculy campus.
  13. No smoking allowed inside outdoors and indoor.                                                            

Faculty Administration