Scientific Field Visit by Students of the Faculty of Archaeology Ain Shams University to the Survey Laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University

Under the supervision of Professor Omar Elhusseiny, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Professor Ahmed Moneeb Elsabbagh, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, and Professor Ahmed Ragheb, Coordinator of Student Activities at the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Archaeology, Ain Shams University organized a scientific field visit for 60 students to the survey laboratory On Saturday, April 27, 2024, supervised by Dr. Emad Al-Din Ibrahim, teacher of the restoration of archaeological architecture. The students heard a detailed description from Professor Ahmed Ragheb, professor of survey and geodesy, and Dr. Tarek Walid, the doctor of survey and geodesy, during which they introduced the laboratory and the survey devices, as well as their applications. Moreover, the students did practical training on survey devices.