Cultural visit for students of the Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University to The Grand Egyptian Museum GEM

Under the supervision of Professor Omar Elhusseiny, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Professor Ahmed Moneeb Elsabbagh, Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs, Professor Ahmed Ragheb, Coordinator of Student Activities, Mr. Riad Abdulrahman, Director of Youth Care, the Student Union of the Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University organized a cultural visit to the the Grand Egyptian Museum GEM on 1 March 2024. 
During the visit, students heard a detailed explanation of the museum's holdings, including the the Hanging Obelisk, Ramses II Red Granite Statue, 10 statues of King Senusret I, The Grand Staircase, King and Queen Ptolemy, the Victory column, royal uniforms and emblems, and the collections of the Tutankhamun exhibition and its interactive display.
The administration of the faculty assured that the visit of its Egyptian and International students to the museum was aimed at consolidating pride and belonging to the ancient Egyptian civilization and the importance of the role of culture and raising the level of thought,creativity and patriotism.