Organization of an Induction Lecture for the Bylaws of Undergraduate Programs, Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University

Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University organized an induction lecture on the bylaws of undergraduate programs (2023) under the supervision of Professor Omar ElHusseiny, Dean of the Faculty, Professor Ahmed Moneeb ElSabbagh, Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs, on Monday, 6 November 2023, in the Seminar Hall, Library Building.
During this lecture, Associate Professor Sami Afifi presented the terms of reference for the preparation of bachelor's degree courses in engineering faculties, as well as general rules, and emphasized the skills gained and general developments in the regulation and the rules for admission and study in the credit hour system, introduction of major and minor programs and provision of information about the curricula. By the end of the lecture, the questions of the faculty staff were heard, and their questions were answered.