Students Union

The Student Union of the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams university is the legitimate organization that expresses the students’ views and opinions. It is considered as an independent student Union and fulfill through it all student activities, in which all their rights and best interest is kept. Additionally, it organizes and ensures the practice of students’ activities and is considered their representative in front of the concerned parties. Student Union Aims to:

  • Working on the preparation of a generation that is able to take responsibility and serve nation.
  • Representing students in the policies and decisions made related to them and defending their rights and best interests, and works on delivering their views to the college administration through the head of the Student Union or someone on his behalf in the faculty council, and education and students’ affairs committee that discuss all issues related to the students.
  • Making closer ties between the students on one hand and between them and the members of the faculty and staff on the other hand, and building bridges of understanding between them.
  • Defending the interests of the students and communicating with various agencies to provide and improve services provided to them.
  • Facilitating the practice of students to express their opinions freely towards different political, scientific, and cultural issues as long as it is guaranteed by the constitution and the law and strengthening relations with scientific institutions and student unions in the nation and abroad.
  • The development of spiritual and moral values ​​and the consolidation of national and patriotic awareness and upholding the value of loyalty and deepening the foundations of democracy, human rights and citizenship among students and working in a teamwork.
  • Increasing the talents of students and developing their abilities and skills and using them for the benefit of the student and his educational foundation and nation.
  • Encouraging the establishment of families, associations, scientific and literary clubs, and organizing a way to take advantage of the students’ energy and skills and to support their activities and develop their creative abilities.
  • Organizing students’ activities, sports and social scout, technical, cultural, political, technological and other and broaden the base of participation and engage students and encourage them outstanding.