Center Director: Prof. Dr. / Salem Mahmoud Salem El-Khoudary
Created: 27/11/2006
Phone: 24829627 (02 + 2)
Fax: 24829627 (02 + 2)
E-mail: Epower_asu@yahoo.com- drsalem@tedata.net.eg

Unity objectives:

  • Business studies and designs in the field of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy.
  • Electrical network planning.
  • Test equipment and stations and electricity networks in accordance with standard specifications.
  • Study the effect of electrical installations on humans and the environment.

Unit Achievements:

Training courses:

  • Electricity distribution planning in the medium and low-voltages.
  • Protection of electrical power systems.
  • Preventive grounding of electrical equipment and earthing of electrical power systems.
  • Preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance of electrical equipment.
  • Artificial intelligence applications in the fields of planning and operation of electric power systems.
  • Control of industrial processes and control devices.
  • Servo systems and applications.
  • Industrial Organizations (analog / digital / electromechanical /electropenumatic).
  • The principles of controllers programmable (PLC).
  • Controllers programmable applications (PLC) and fault detection.
  • Microprocessor and fastening systems.
  • Design and maintenance of power is cut (UPS).
  • Programming and application of digital signal processing (DSP).
  • Digital systems and fault detection.
  • Design of industrial control systems without sensors.
  • Power electronics and control courses such as: -
  • Power electronics devices and protection.
  • Uniting uncontrolled and rectifiers.
  • Reflectors and Technology (SVPWM).
  • Siclo transformers and its applications
  • DC cutters and power circuits effort industrial organizations, Transformers unilateral / bilateral / Quartet and applications.
  • Control the speed of DC motors using power electronics.
  • Speed ​​control of AC motors using power electronics.
  • Control the temperature and / or pressure.
  • Control of liquid level and / or appropriate barriers.
  • Control of lighting inside buildings and public lighting.
  • Control of pH (PH) fluids.
  • Training on how to use the global programs such as courses:
  • ETAP
  • EMTB
  • Courses in the field of control systems:
  • P-, PI-, PD-, and PID-controllers and Tuning.
  • Optimal preview control systems.
  • Adaptive control systems.
  • ANN control systems.
  • Fxpert and intelligent control systems.
  • Training course in Maintenance and protection of Transformer Stations EPM106
  • Training course in Programmable Longic Controllers and Its Applications
  • Training course in Maintenance and protection of Transformer Stations
  • Training course in Electrical Earthling Systems

Consulting and studies:

  • Do necessary studies to replace and develop the control in the old production lines using micro computers and programmable controllers.
  • Inspection and testing of electrical equipment and materials used in the stations and power grids.
  • Improve the quality of nutrition sources plugged in.
  • Feasibility of future projects and studies to evaluate and improve the performance of existing projects studies.
  • Evaluate the environmental impacts of electrical installations.
  • Solar and wind energy systems.

Other business:

  • Do tests and measurements of 120mm electrical cable of El-Halawany company.
  • Calibration of measuring devices for the overseas Co.
  • Test a 3 mm sample wire to the Fagr Company of investment and development and constructions
  • Sample of energy-saving bulb testing ,26.15 Watt test for Mafaz electric Co.