Mechanical Engineering Requirements

In addition to the Competencies for all Engineering Programs the Basic Mechanical Engineering graduate must be able to (B-Level):

  • Model, analyse and design physical systems applicable to the specific discipline by applying the concepts of: Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, solid Mechanics, Material Processing, Material Properties, Measurements, Instrumentation, Control Theory and Systems, Mechanical Design and Analysis, Dynamics and Vibrations.
  • Carry out designs of mechanical systems and machine elements using appropriate materials both traditional means and computer-aided tools and software contemporary to the mechanical engineering field.
  • Select conventional mechanical equipment according to the required performance.
  • Adopt suitable national and international standards and codes to: design, build, operate, inspect and maintain mechanical equipment and systems.

To achieve these Intended Learning Outcomes, a set of courses must be completed as a Basic Mechanical Engineering Requirement.