Article (22): Withdrawal from a course

  • The student may withdraw from any course within the first ten weeks of the main semesters or the first five weeks for the Summer semester.
  • The student does not fail the withdrawn course, provided that the withdrawal application and approval are finalized within the time limit mentioned in the previous point.
  • The student gets a (W) grade for the withdrawn course and is allowed to register that course (full attendance and performing all activities including examinations) in a following semester.
  • For elective courses, the student is allowed to change it in a following semester if he fails to pass it or withdraws from it. This is subject to the approval of the academic advisor and the requirements of his program.
  • For non-scholarship students, the tuition fees for this course will not be refunded for withdrawn courses. The next time the student registers this course, he will have to pay its fees in full. The student, who withdraws from a whole semester without registering any course must pay the minimum tuition fees which is equivalent to 12 CH.
  • For scholarship students, the Credit Hours of the withdrawn course are deducted from his scholarship. The student will be allowed to register this course one more time for free.