Article (7): Programs Administration Board

The Programs Administration Board is responsible for:

  1. Strategic Planning of the Programs.
  2. Marketing activities for the Programs.
  3. Conducting feasibility studies of opening and freezing Academic Programs.
  4. All financial issues related to the operation of the Programs.
  5. Academic Development of the Programs.
  6. Any exception to the rules in the Faculty Bylaws and Regulations.
  7. International Cooperation with other universities.
  8. Suggesting policies to maintain the teaching and learning quality in the Programs.
  9. Reviewing reports of the Programs Steering Committees, and reports of the Education and Student Affairs Committee.
  10. Handling general appeals from students regarding specific courses.
  11. Any other issues related to the operation of the programs.

All recommendations of the Programs Administration Board are presented to the Council of the Faculty of Engineering for final approval.