Housing Architecture and Urban Development Program

Program Description

Globally, over 50% of the population lives in urban areas; and moving towards urbanization is accelerating.  As urban populations grow, the housing gap will widen, exacerbating inequality and threatening the traditional view of cities as reliable drivers of economic growth. Though providing affordable, adequate and secure housing is a basic human need, housing provision persists a key urban challenge worldwide. The Housing Architecture and Urban Development (HAUD) program aims at preparing architects and urban planners specialized in housing and the built environment design for sustainable urban development. Graduates go on to obtain professional degrees in architectural engineering with specialization in housing and urban development...

The program is focusing on the technical, aesthetic and cultural components of design for housing and public buildings. Moreover, it qualifies graduates with all necessary competences to design and to understand the housing market and real estate development as well as to use digital technologies and tools to generate and analyse spatial data. Graduates will gain knowledge in housing typology, provision, policies, finance, legislation, and management and will be able to produce integrated architecture documents, and land mapping. The HAUD emphasizes the integration of social, economic, environmental, along with physical aspects to create safe, inclusive, healthy, and sustainable cities. It introduces graduates to contemporary trends and practices in housing industry and urban development schemes such as smart housing/cities as well as principles of Sustainable Development Goals. The program will prepare graduates to take leading roles in the professional practice in the field of architecture, housing and urban development on local and international level.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the HAUD program can handle with different jobs in related fields to housing design and urban development sector ranging from architecture level to the urban design and planning level with special knowledge of real estate and land management. They can work as architects and urban planners in governmental bodies, such as, the Ministry of Housing Utilities and the Urban Development; International Agencies, such as UN-Habitat; and local companies and consultancies. The current construction booming and the future development of building new urban communities and national mega projects in Egypt is thriving for such kind of skilled graduates who are engaged with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) standards and principles and have integrated vision to tackle planning and design issues in the field of housing architecture and urban development.

Program Concentrations

There are no specified concentrations in this Program.

Agreements with another University

The program is not yet partnered with another university.

Program Competences

In addition to the competences for all Engineering Programs (A-Level), the Housing Architecture and Urban Development Program graduate must be able to (D-Level):

  • D1: Demonstrate comprehensive ability to create architectural designs for residential projects ranging across different scale (re