All the programs use course from the Faculty Departments. There are 13 departments at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. They are listed in the following table.

Table 38 List of Departments at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.

Field # Department Acronym Courses
General 0 Teacher Support and Training Centre TSDC 16
Basic Science 1 Engineering Physics and Mathematics  PHM 24
Mechanical Engineering 2 Design and Production Engineering  MDP 100
3 Mechanical Power Engineering  MEP 48
4 Automotive Engineering  MEA 26
5 Mechatronics Engineering  MCT 44
Architectural Engineering 6 Architectural Engineering  ARC 74
7 Urban Planning and Design  UPL 60
Electrical Engineering 8 Electrical Power and Machines Engineering  EPM 60
9 Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering  ECE 70
10 Computer and Systems Engineering  CSE 95
Civil Engineering 11 Structural Engineering  CES 97
12 Irrigation and Hydraulics Engineering CEI 47
13 Public Works Engineering  CEP 59
Total number of courses 820

Any given course can be used in different Programs based on the Program requirement. The course code follows the Department offering this course. The course coding is divided into two parts and follows the following convention:

  1. Three Letters which are the Department code listed in Table 38.
  2. Three Numbers indicating the Level, the Specialization inside the department, and a counter inside the specialization.

Some of the courses offered by the department are offered in two versions (with the same code and contents), to account for the large number of students with respect to the number of teaching staff. The courses are amended with the letter “s”. These courses will only be offered in a transition phase of 3 years until the Faculty balances the student to teacher ratio in these courses. These courses are different that they have different assessment criteria.

E0. Courses not offered by any of the Faculty Departments

The general courses which are not offered by any of the faculty departments are the responsibility of the Teacher Development and Support Centre (TSDC). These courses are all University Requirements (UR) and one course as a Faculty requirement.

Table 39 List of categories of the General Courses.

# Specialization
1 UR Compulsory courses
2 UR Elective courses with tutorial
3 UR Elective courses without tutorial
4 Engineering

The following abbreviations are the legend for the courses table.

Lvl Level   UR University Requirement   SA Student Activities
CH Credit Hour   FR Faculty Requirement   MT Mid-Term Exam
ECTS European Credit Transfer System   DR Discipline Requirement   PE Practical Exam
SWL Student Work Load   PR Program Requirement   FE Final Exam
Lec Lectures            
Tut Tutorials            
Lab Laboratory            
TT Total            

Table 40 List of ASU courses.

Table 41 List of ENG courses.