Unity objectives

  • Feasibility studies for the roads project.
  • Planning and engineering design of networks of roads and intersections, bridges and tunnels.
  • Structural design of paving roads and airports.
  • Permanent and regular supervision on the implementation of the business and quality control.
  • Roads and materials tests.

Unit Achievements

Training courses

  • Personnel training in the field of roads in Cairo Governorate.
  • Preparation of specialized training courses in design, implementation and quality control.
  • Courses in overseeing the implementation of roads, traffic and airports to all levels of business.


  • Project supervision of 26 July axis the reconstruction of Greater Cairo central agency.
  • Regional road project - the reconstruction of Dahshur Greater Cairo central agency.
  • Saft ellabn project - Kerdasa reconstruction Greater Cairo central agency.
  • Ring road Expansion Project - reconstruction of the Greater Cairo agency .
  • Companies Road development - Cairo Oil Refinery project.
  • Free level Road Project Beni Suef - Minia length of 95 km, management of military engineers.
  • Consulting for many of the agencies and organizations and companies.
  • Study design and geographical region of Mostorod, Cairo Petroleum Refining oil Company.
  • Development of standards and the foundations of Receiption of technical specifications for Cairo Governorate.
  • Study landing down of some areas of Cairo.
  • Study and design for the construction of a tunnel leading to the bottom of the circular area of ​​investment New Cairo City Authority.

Applied research

  • Mixers asphalt evaluating based on the cracks resulting of thermal analysis.
  • Use of Kirkam material on asphalt mixtures.
  • Diffraction effect including granular scale on asphalt mixers properties.
  • The design of asphalt mixers possessed by super beef and compare it with Marshall method.
  • Cold mixtures asphalt.
  • A research study for the development of special concrete mixes for quick use of the corridors.

Other business

  • Unity includes a laboratory equipped with the latest hardware materials roads and asphalt, soil and concrete to conduct laboratory and field tests and the preparation of technical reports for the validity of paving materials roads, airports and design all kinds of mixtures and asphalt concrete mixtures.
  • The lab provides technical advice to companies in all areas of implementation and management of road projects and other projects for most major companies from the business sector and the private sector.